Universal love soon dead.

Brothers & Sisters.

Conclusion, October 2017: Love is officially dead.
This means; that through political power instruments, real national ruling, humans has lost their ability to control their demons. North Korea got to much time in the shadows. United States tricked themselves by their stupid stigma always needing to “win”, still loosing the battle having the Worlds greatest deficit. Ending up with a legal dictator in Washington. Humanity have no other option preventing this negative spiral than “blowing up” some small fires trying to avoiding the big one. Prepare friends. You need a solid room, water & can food.

For you who knows me since earlier, I blame no one than yourself . For not shouting enough, telling, showing, doing something about our present armageddon. We are all guilty. Being official idiots not embracing the “insight people“, thereby being lazy, ignorant, passive with low self esteem nerds. Just waiting for the inevitable to happen. Chaos at the best, catastrophe likely. And the hole deal is about money, what else..

If all the sandmen in Arabia region would have access to money, cars, houses, dance facilities, sex dildos, great movies, windsurfing, mountain climbing, “wurst”, Miles Davis music, pure water & all the rest I daily forget about being privileged, then our World would be much more reasonable, peaceful, calm. No doubt.

So, where hides the solutions? I tell you the short version cause I am historical boringly wise, still good looking, with no time messing around. Tilt, cancel, scratch the monetary system, start all over. That is the medicine. Liberate Africa, United States, Europe, Asia from debts not really existing (established through scam), greed money control & evil ideas, creating a Nirvana by Christmas. But, why is this not happening then? Cause, the power units within this shit scam threatens all involved National Banks. They will never let go of their since 1500 century build up controlled finance system. And they are; all Zionists. There you have humanities real enemy. The Zionists.

But, as always. Any person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species. Even if, religion looks forward to the destruction of the World,. Perhaps half aware that its unsupported arguments are not entirely persuasive, and perhaps uneasy about its own greedy accumulation of temporal power and wealth, religion has never ceased to proclaim the Apocalypse and the day of judgement.

And where is the religion, supposing to be the universal ambassador for love. I say: It has run out of justification. Thanks to the telescope and the microscope, it no longer offers an explanation of anything important. Where once it used to be able, by its total command of a worldview, to prevent the emergence of rivals, it can not only impede and retard – or try to run back – the measurable advances that we have made. Sometimes, true, it will artfully concede them. But, this is to offer itself the choice between irrelevance and obstruction, impotence or outright reaction, and, given this choice, it is programmed to select the worse of the two. Meanwhile, confronted with undreamed – of vistas inside our own evolving cortex, in the farthest reaches of the known universe, and in proteins and acids which constitute or our nature, religion offers either annihilation in the name of god, or else the false promise that if in the right direction, or ingest pieces of wafer, we shall be saved. Ohh, fuck that. We are all domed.

Our belief is not a belief. Our principles are not a faith. We do not rely solely upon science and reason, because these are necessary rather than sufficient factors, but we distrust anything that contradicts science or outrages reason. We may differ on many things, but what we respect is free inquiry, openmindedness, and the pursuit of ideas for their own sake.

Stay healthy.






Stupid, stupid people.

Brothers & Sisters.
Sunday again. And what has happen since the last thought? More destruction, more kills, more lies, more piles of shit everywhere. So, its just to recapture, reflect. This is us. We the people are not able conserving our curiosity. Without us this plane planet would feel one gazillion times better. More forests, bigger rivers, happier animals (resting in the sun on places unimaginable). No buildings, no airplanes, no houses, no factories, no environmental trash stories. Lets face it. Humans are the devil in motion. Everything else is just a myth. Plain bullshit.

Now, where hides the solutions? Hmm. There is no solution. Its gone get worse. Every nation will strengthen their borders. All leaders will increase their rhetoric. People will act more stupid than ever before in history. Worries will raise into plain panic. The main reason is peoples general stupidity not finding out the beauty of life (repeatedly doing the same mistakes over and over again). What we are as individuals. As a Universe. As a love example. As a power tool. As a dreaming factory. As the difference between good and evil. This force is what everyone of us have inside. The choice of being the best version of ourselves. Or just continue to be stupid, arrogant, blind, lazy. Where are you in all this?

The first thing to do is stop believing in the Politicians. If you want real change, stop voting. They (the politicians) are all manipulated by a greater force deciding everything behind hidden walls. No democracy. Only the profit Agenda. So, a vote is just an illusion. Instead. Start prepare your own Universe. Get used to survive on Earth, and Earth only. Move to a secure region. This you need to find out for yourself. Finding real peace requires a soul search without greedy inputs of any kind. Just you and your breath. You and your closest interest in life. Family, hobbies, lifestyle, passion. Break everything down to basics. After a good while, lets say one year you will be ready. Ready to survive without the dumbest system created since the birth of humanity – democracy. United States have no democracy, a two party system. No one else is invited to debates. Its a fucking monster based on military power, nothing else. A patriarch Senate full of old males, nothing else. But, don´t worry. That country will crack from the inside. Based on their own device, being a free country. Letting all kinds of trash inside their borders. Only for seeing it burn.

The best place to be on Earth is either a political perfect state like Switzerland or a distant Paradise which no one will find. In places like this the human destruction nature has difficulties evolving. In Swissa there is no chance for failure ruling. The system prohibits that from happening (26 small hard orchestrated states within one small nation). In paradise the beauty overwhelms the human negatives to begin with. But, its only a matter of time before Armageddon will shadow the palm trees, beaches, skies, water & the fishes. Stupid, stupid humans.

Now, look at Quality. When art really gets interesting it turns expensive for a few to enjoy. The big music distribution channels never plays beautiful tracks on radio. Only fashion crap represented by long term income garanties, executed by robots under fifth teen years. Disgusting. People don`t read anymore. They scan FB. They put pictures of themselves on Instagram. They spit selfish into every gadget platform there is. They eat crap. Never spend silent time in forests. Never swim in calm sea bays. Never executes elements of endurance which is the only secure way finding inner peace. So, humanity will as a hole maintain their course towards self destruction. By not challenge themselves individually. Instead looking around trying to find “easy street” solutions, which never wins. And is there anyone to blame here besides the Politicians.? Sure, the real devil. The Zionists. The ones organizing all wars (by selling weapons), controlling all the monetary system. Controlling all main stream media. As I said, there is no devil, only man made versions, – the Zionist. Opposite of Quality. The ones working according to their own Agenda. Not human.

Anywho, life goes on. And you will witness destruction, pain, fear, ego maniac reports by journalists trying to shine over the news. All this in Mainstream Media. YouTube owned by Zionist interests, FB as well, the rest will be. Therefore, not to get poisoned search for pure knowledge and transform its messages into modern terms. Shape your brain for independence. Look for beauty in nature, artforms, good ideas creating freedom. Cause our Plane Planet is here for us. Working together with its forces will enlarge our capacity ten times. Learn to keep your breath under water. Learn how to walk in nature for weeks. Learn how to ID birds entertaining with their songs. Get a water purifier and grow potatoes. The rest is bonus.

History is gone. Forget about it. You will die for sure. What will you do until then.? Wait. Continue being stupid? Or, take control over your dream life.? Clean out your wardrobe. Get practical clothing. Super shoes for winter. Learn how to walk without during warm periods. Look documentaries for learning. About Nature. How to make fire, which rot to eat.? Just how to keep it minimalistic. Clean, pure, deep. Until. Keep it real. A wise Politician ends his mission. Cause who wishes to maintain in a game paid by taxes and run by Zionists.? Only an idiot.

Stay Healthy




Placebo Politics

Brother & Sisters.
Finally summer. Warm temperature makes it all easier, don`t you agree? And even terrorists needs a rest.

Last night I had a piffany, believed I was sitting in a room talking to a man standing by the window. Had not seen him before. Both windows where open and a steady breeze swept into the room. I caught myself talking to him almost deliriously until he turned around and steered at me while saying: Please, listen. I am soon dead. I have to cleanse my heart. I can`t die with all hate inside. He seemed honest so I nodded.

You see, what we need is collective view of peoples wish to live and manner of living. We must distinguish between the Fascist popular movement and the modern popular movement in Russia. The Fascist movement is a spontaneous return to the traditions of ancient Rome. The Russian movement has an essential tendency towards anarchy. And this must be stopped. Otherwise the next guy after Putin will choose “easy street” and waking up the sleeping communist bear. By instinct, the Russian does not incline towards a higher form of society. Certain peoples can live in such a way that with them a collection of family units does not make a whole; and although Russia has set up a social system which, judged by Western standards, qualifies for the designation ” State “, it is not, in fact, a system which is either congenial or natural to her. It is true that, in a sense, every product of human culture, every work gifted with beauty can be born only of the effect of the constraint which we call education.

I asked him where he got all his ideas from. He told me he was the fourth book on the second shell behind me. Ahh,. exclusive I thought. He took tone again this time with a more thought voice.

In the eyes of the Russian, the principal support of civilization is vodka. His ideal consists in never doing anything but the indispensable. Our conception of work (work, and then more of it!) is one that he submits to as if it were a real curse. The Aryan are particularly active. The Russian will never make up his mind to work except under compulsion from outside, for he is incapable of organizing himself. And if, despite everything, he is apt to have organisation thrust upon him, that is thanks to the drop of Aryan blood in his veins. It’s only because of this drop that the Russian people has created something and possesses an organised State. So you know he said and looked at me seriously. 

Again. where do you get all this from I asked him. Don`t you know about the expression “placebo politics“. No, he answered. It`s typical what you have claimed here the last minutes. Talks. No real politics. Only words never leaving your head. Today you need to be more concrete in your actions. We have self bombers in this millennium. Very popular & instant. Often used. Begins their path already at the age of five raising up to respectful ages regardless of gender. I saw on his face that he didn`t like what I just said. I don`t care, he said. I have to ease my heart. He continued:

It takes energy to rule Russia. The corollary is that, the tougher a country’s régime, the more appropriate it is that
equity and justice should be practiced there. The horse that is not kept constantly under control forgets in the wink of an eye the rudiments of training that have been inculcated into it. In the same way, with the Russian, there is an instinctive force that invariably leads him back to the state of nature. People sometimes quote the case of the horses that escaped from a ranch in America, and by some ten years later had formed huge herds of wild horses. It is so easy for an animal to go back to its origins ! For the Russian, the return to the state of nature is a return to
primitive forms of life. The family exists, the female looks after her children, like the female of the hare, with all the feelings of a mother. But the Russian doesn’t want anything more. His reaction against the constraint of the organised State (which is always a constraint, since it limits the liberty of the individual) is brutal and savage, like all feminine reactions. When he collapses and should yield, the Russian bursts into lamentations. This will to return to the state of nature is exhibited in his revolutions. For the Russian, the typical form of revolution is nihilism.

Why so obsessed by the Russians I asked. Cause they are the last nation able to balance humanity. The fucking United States of Error has soon lost it completely. Their own idea of democracy is just a lie. They don`t know anything about how to rule a fair and balanced State. Their wrong stigmas about money, winning & religious families will soon crack them up. Turn domestic ethnics, social classes against each other. America will soon be on fire.

I paused. It`s a horror scenario you are painting here man. Yes, I know. But, that`s my skill. I don`t believe, I know. So, how can we avoid this Armageddon your painting here.? Well, radicalize your western methods. Inflict Marshall law claiming that if nothing changes humanity will flounder. Means, implement the poor Arabian solutions. Kill the leaders more frequently. But, this sounds horrible. I had to interrupted him. Shall we adapt their vulgair lifestyle in “Sandland”?

Well, you can choose to be silent and wait for final destruction or do something about it before it`s to late. If you continue with your, what did you call it; “placebo politics” nothing will ever be better.

I looked twice at him. So, you are saying. We are all heading into our final chapter.? That`s what you are saying here? Yes, sorry, no leader will be able to change this. Only a nature catastrophe could bring change. Waking you all up realizing that time is limited. That the Zionist Agenda is not yours. Normal, peaceful loving people needs to get together and challenge the democratic system for real. Dissolve it all, and create new ideals. Why not create a new Facebook group, get together and make a change(?).

Then I waked up. Went to the computer and released my new single. Enjoy

Stay Healthy



The illusion


Brothers & Sisters,.
I am about to release my latest music material –  i l l u s i o n.

Almost 2 hours of sound entertainment for dreamers searching within. Being in this sound mood there is not so much room for words. But, I really miss my 500 core readers. Therefore I send you this Sunday signal. A picture symbolizing my mood, surely together with *almost all of You. Why can`t we just stop hating each other for an hour or two on this Planet & instead relax, enjoy our moment..(?)
/Stay Healthy